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Palliative Care

OVM offers Palliative care (PC) to individuals with a serious illness who require symptom control and supportive services but may not want to forgo disease-modifying treatment.

OVM recognizes the benefits of Palliative care including:

  • Fewer hospitalizations

  • Symptom control

  • Spiritual and emotional support

  • Overall improvement in quality of life

By reducing hospitalizations and other burdensome transitions that may result in new medication side effects, exposure to resistant bacteria, and complications from procedures, Palliative care can provide less physical and emotional stress to the resident. 

"Older adults who receive palliative care in nursing homes experience less intensive treatments, fewer hospitalizations, better management of symptoms, and an overall improvement in quality of life greater than those who don't receive care."

- Today's Geriatric Medicine (Feb 2017)

For more information about our Palliative Care, call (937) 392-4318.

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