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In addition to initial training, staff at OVM are provided continuing education through Healthcare Academy, an online-based education system. Healthcare Academy recommends using Internet Explorer as your browser. Adobe Flash Player must also be installed with pop-ups permitted.

All assigned courses are displayed after you log into the website. If you wish to take a course on a specific topic, please contact the Human Resources department. Staff can access OVM's learning system, Healthcare Academy HERE.


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Kudos Korner


Heidi Evans - 3rd

Hayley Judy - 6th

Kristina Napier - 7th

Angela Moore - 8th

Diamond St. Clair - 9th

Brandon Wagner - 11th

Chelsea Burnett - 12th

Patricia Hickerson - 13th

Brittany Hill - 13th

Vanessa Ogden - 16th

Brianna Houghton - 20th

Jennifer Staggs - 21st

Amberley Stacy - 23rd

Kristina Grooms - 28th

Pamela Orr - 28th

Vanessa Parker - 28th

Corey Tharp - 29th

Lori McFarland - 30th


Charity Arn - 1 Year

Deanna Cooper - 1 Year

Patience Cooper - 1 Year

Heidi Evans - 1 Year

Emily Hammons - 1 Year

Glenda Huddleston - 1 Year

Michelle O'Toole - 1 Year

Danielle Proffitt - 1 Year

Tina Tucker - 1 Year

Kristen Womble - 1 Year

Danielle Mount - 3 Years

Joyce Hite - 4 Years

Davi Pritchett - 5 Years

Robyn Linville - 6 Years

Austin Borisch - 7 Years

Claudeen Tarvin - 9 Years

Ginda Fowler - 20 Years

Michelle Helbling - 44 Years

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